Company Profil

PT Sukuntex is a company specialized in the textile. PT Sukuntex is a part of Sukun Group which is located in Gondosari, Gebog, Kudus. PT Sukuntex was established in 1969 by production capacity of 1,000,000 meters / month. The products of PT Sukuntex are prime calico cotton, rayon calico, and polyester. The prime product is prime calico cotton which is used as traditional batik fabric.

PT Sukuntex has 3 departments, they are:

1. Spinning: Which is for turning cotton into yarn

2. Weaving : Which is for turning yarn spools to be half-finished fabric (greige).

3. Finishing: Which is for changing greige fabric to be a fabric of ready for being used or ready for being printed.

PT Sukuntex has 837 employees which consist of 56 monthly employees, 378 daily employees and 403 contract workers. PT Sukuntex has been registered in the Indonesian Workers Union (SPSI) since 1973 and in 1978 all employees were completely protected by insurance.




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